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Windows - General Procedures



Dual-booting / Multi-booting

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Acronis Software

Windows - General Procedures

Enable Viewing of Hidden and System Files

Enable Viewing of Filename Extensions for Known File Types

Using Windows to Extract the Contents of a ZIP File

Using the Windows Registry Editor

Windows Vista

Starting a Command Prompt in Administrator Mode


VistaPE Guide - Creating a VistaPE CD

READ ME FIRST: Introduction and Requirements

Beginner's Guide to Creating a VistaPE CD

Booting Your VistaPE CD

Adding Mustang's Acronis Scripts to Your VistaPE CD

Adding Drivers for Unsupported Hardware

Advanced Options and Alternate Configurations

Downloading and Installing the Windows AIK

VistaPE on Other Devices

Create a Bootable VistaPE USB Hard Drive or Flashdrive

Dual-booting / Multi-booting

Vista and XP

Separating Vista and XP when using Vista's Boot Manager

Valuable Off-site Resources

Understanding MultiBooting (by Dan Goodell)

Multibooters (by McTavish)

MudCrab's Programs

Drive Notify

Drive Notify is a program designed to allow you to be asked to connect your backup drive if it's not connected when a True Image backup task is run.

Acronis Software

Creating Bootable Acronis Media Drives - Recommended Solutions

The following methods are alternative ways to create a bootable drive with your Acronis Media when the Media Builder program doesn't create it properly or doesn't support it.

Using Vista's DISKPART Program to Create a Bootable Flashdrive

Using Grub4DOS to Create a Bootable Drive

Creating an Acronis Bootable USB Hard Drive - Original Solution

How to Create an Acronis Bootable USB Hard Drive

Troubleshooting: Why won't my Flashdrive or USB Hard Drive boot?

Disk Director

Changing the Hidden Sectors field of an NTFS Logical Partition

OS Selector (OSS)

How to Find and Create a Copy of the BOOTWIZ.OSS File

Understanding the BOOTWIZ.OSS File

Manually Adding Vista or Windows 7 to OSS

Manually Adding XP to OSS


Official Acronis Support Forum

Archived Acronis Support Forum (on Wilders Security Forum - closed 08-15-2009)

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